If you're encountering any issues with your Paper Shoot Camera, fret not!

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you check your camera:

Let's start by examining the camera board:

1. Remove the batteries while keeping the SD card in the camera board.
2. Connect the camera to a power bank using the provided cable, avoiding connection to a PC or laptop.
3. Ensure the filter switch is set to the first mode, then press the shutter button.

If you hear a capture sound, the camera board is functioning correctly.

Now, let's assess other aspects of the camera:
1. Are you using our recommended rechargeable batteries? We suggest Energizer 700mAh or LADDA 750mAh rechargeable batteries.
LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR03 AAA 1.2V, 750mAh
2. Have you fully charged your batteries? Charging is complete when the green light indicator turns off after connecting the board to a power source. We advise charging for at least 3 hours or overnight. You can charge the batteries in-camera using the provided USB cable.

3. Are you using a standard size SD card or microSD with a standard size adapter? Only a standard SD size is compatible with our camera. Avoid inserting a microSD card directly into the camera.

4. Is the SD card in the larger front silver slot, non-WiFi, and not larger than 32GB? Insert the SD card into the big silver slot at the front of the camera board. We recommend a maximum 32GB SD card, which can store up to 12,000 photos.

5. Have you reformatted your SD card? If not, it's advisable to do so for optimal performance. You can refer to our reformatting guide here!
If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us @ helpme@papershootsg.com for assistance.
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