About Us

The Paper Shoot Camera is not just a camera, it's a tool for change. The brainchild of George Lin, it was created with a mission to help the earth and make people fall in love with cameras. The brand's main concept is "Point & Shoot, Less is more", offering a simple and beautiful camera with a blend of fashion, eco-friendliness, and charity, making it a lifestyle digital camera.

These cameras are made of eco-friendly stone paper and designed to resemble classic film cameras. However, they are digital and capable of storing up to 32 GB of photos on an SD card. The camera's electronic body can be personalized with interchangeable pop-art-inspired covers and lenses, and its photos come out with a film-like quality thanks to its four distinct filters: sepia, black and white, blue, and normal.

With Paper Shoot Camera, you don't have to compromise style for sustainability.

Launched on 1 December 2021, Paper Shoot Singapore is making waves, and now, with Paper Shoot Malaysia officially launched on 1 April 2022, the brand is growing and spreading its message of eco-consciousness and creativity.